These are photos from my uncle Colin (, they are photos of my dad (Matt) at the 1981 Grand Prix. He was the monkey on the sidecar 37. That Side car body was on the fence at the Campbell House for years, until I believe it was thrown out.

vern_s_r_small.jpg await_small.jpg infro_small.jpg passe_small.jpg
waits_small.jpg approach_small.jpg backstre_small.jpg homestre_small.jpg
jimexasp_small.jpg jimwatch_small.jpg joematt_small.jpg lookinga_small.jpg
mattjoe_small.jpg matt__r_small.jpg matt_jim_small.jpg mattjims_small.jpg
mattwait_small.jpg push_sta_small.jpg suzuki__small.jpg threewid_small.jpg

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